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    Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services in UAE
    Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services in UAE

    Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services in UAE

    GCC Marketing provides result-driven efficient Mobile App Support and Annual Maintenance Contract Services in Dubai, UAE

    You have created an amazing business app, but that's just a start. As you move ahead, you will receive continuous feedback from your clients and probably you will face some bugs in your mobile app. At this point, you will realize that you must have an extremely talented team of mobile app developers who can update the app as per your requirements. With more than a decade of experience, we fully understand this and that's why we provide mobile application maintenance services.  Having an annual maintenance contract or AMC Dubai for your mobile app will take away all of your troubles. GCC Marketing provides all you need for your Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services in UAE. 

    Bug fixes
    It is inevitable to have bugs in your app, but the good news is, these are preventable. We will scan your code and fix the bugs as they appear to keep you up and running.
    Code maintenance
    We love our clients to have updated code versions. At GCC Marketing, we ensure that your app is fully updated and properly maintained.
    App updates
    As you get more experience, you will have plenty of feedback from your clients. You can share the feedback and our team will make the app updated as you wanted.
    Data migration
    If you require, our experience team can help you in data migration from one hosting to another. The process is seamless asn no on will notice the change.
    New feature implementation
    You might want to have some specific features in your apps. Our team can create desired functionalities and features as per your request.
    Application security management
    Security is a big concern now a days. We will keep a regular check on your app for any data breaches by keeping the security up to date.
    OS and library updates
    Where possible, we will make sure that your app uses latest libraries and operating systems as they appear for your competitive advantage.
    Performance enhancements
    Due to cache or obsolete heavy content or cache, your app could become slow. Our experienced team will make sure your app loads fast.

    Mobile App Support Services in UAE

    An app could be a big hit if it embodies the crucial factors e.g. well-written code, structured data, and optimal performance. Our Mobile App Support Services in UAE will help you hit your desired targets in all facets as mentioned above. We have a full-stack mobile app development team with a highly skilled approach to maintain your app. We understand how crucial an update could be for you or your clients or how important it is to remove bugs for the smooth operation of your mobile app. Contact us for your mobile app maintenance services in Dubai

    Why Mobile Application Maintenance Services?

    You might be thinking that you have put your full efforts to build that app, why you need our Mobile Application Maintenance Services? We are sure you understand that as time passes, you get more intelligent and you have better insights into what is a more desired feature and what is not. On top of that, out of nowhere, you could find your mobile application having bugs that could ruin the user experience. Now, at this time if you don't have the maintenance or support for your app, then there is a big danger of losing your sales. 


    Mobile App Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC Services in UAE

    GCC Marketing always recommends its clients to have Mobile App Annual Maintenance Contract so that an experienced app development company is at their backup.  As soon as there is any problem, error or bug, or any necessary updates, our team can work and give you desired outcome. our AMC Services in UAE are designed very carefully. We have three levels of urgency to respond. First: Urgent with a response time of 3 hours. Second: High Priority which will be responded to in the next working day. Third, Standard: we resolve this kind of issue in 3 workdays. 

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    Flutter apps
    React Native Apps
    Android App Development
    iOS App Development
    Hybrid App Development

    Professional Tools for Your Mobile App Maintenance & Support

    GCC Marketing aims to provide top-notch mobile app maintenance or AMC services in Dubai, UAE

    Mobile App Performance Enhancement

    Users trust websites with a Site Seal to handle their data. The Site Seal is proven to be the most well-recognized symbol for online security and will increase your customer satisfaction.

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    Mobile App Bugs Fixing

    Our SSL certificates are compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices so your visitors and customers know their data is protected and encrypted.

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    Benefits of choosing GCC Marketing for Mobile app maintenance & support services in UAE

  • Analyzing your current code and thoroughly reviewing it
  • Design changes & updates
  • Application enhancement
  • Bugs fixing 
  • Mobile app testing
  • You will get 24/7 support from experienced mobile app developers
  • Our expert mobile app team is available at a very affordable price
  • We will keep monitoring your app for any issues or bugs
  • We will reduce loading time for your mobile  application
  • Our professional support will free up your in-house resources and you can focus on your business
  • Improve service response and resolution time
  • We will help you through your journey to boost user engagement for your app
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