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    Quick Contact

    Benefits of the Exclusive Partnership Program

    1. You will be eligible for 100% free 1 year bugs and error removal programs. (on all of the websites we built and code we wrote)
    2. You will be eligible for a massive discount of up to 6%. You can avail of this service only by showing our website link or name at the footer of your website.

    Terms of Exclusive Partnership Program

    1. GCC Marketing will be allowed to show its website link at the footer of your website.
    2. You would be willing to leave reviews for us on 3 online platforms or a video review for us (only after if you are happy and satisfied with our work)
    3. You will allow GCC Marketing to share your contact details (Your name, Company, Rank, and Email) as a reference if required by a customer (Normally only 1 client in 3 months requests for reference, and moreover we won’t share your mobile number at all)
    4. You will refer us to future IT projects in your company or in your circle (only after you are happy and satisfied with our work and obviously it’s fully on your discretion).

    Commission-Based Partnership / Agency Referral Program

    In some specific circumstances, GCC Marketing allows its partners/agents to work in a commission-based arrangement. The below terms are applicable:

    1. Participation Eligibility: Agents must be at least 18 years old to participate in GCC Marketing’s Agent Referral Program.

    2. Referral Qualification: a. Agents may refer potential clients to GCC Marketing for digital marketing, UI/UX design, web development, and mobile app development services (“Services"). b. A successful referral is defined as a referred client who signs a formal contract with GCC Marketing and pays a minimum of 25% of the total project value as an initial deposit.

    3. Commission Structure: a. Agents will be eligible for a commission based on the total project value, excluding taxes and additional charges. b. Commission rates are as follows:

      • 5% for projects valued between AED 5,000 and AED 25,000
      • 7% for projects valued between AED 25,001 and AED 50,000
      • 10% for projects valued above AED 50,000
      • The commission can also be agreed on lump sum amounts as a deal. 
    4. Exclusions: The Agent’s commission will not apply to projects referred by the Agent that are canceled, terminated, or do not meet the requirements of a successful referral as mentioned in Clause 2(b).

    5. Payment and Invoicing: a. Commissions will be paid to Agents within 15 days of receiving the initial deposit from the referred client. b. Agents must provide an invoice for each successful referral, detailing the project value and the applicable commission. The commission payments will be on a progress basis. e.g. if 40% payment is received, the agent will get a 40% commission. 

    6. Once the client is onboard, all future deals and transactions will exclusively belong to GCC Marketing. The partner or agent will not have any share out of future transactions. 

    7. Non-Compete: Agents agree not to refer clients to competing agencies offering similar services within the same geographic region while participating in GCC Marketing’s Agent Referral Program.

    8. Confidentiality: Both parties shall treat all client information and discussions as confidential and shall not disclose any sensitive information to third parties without explicit consent from the other party.

    9. Program Changes: GCC Marketing reserves the right to modify or terminate the Agent Referral Program at any time without prior notice.

    10. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from participation in the Agent Referral Program shall be resolved amicably through negotiation between the parties.

    11. Governing Law: These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    By participating in GCC Marketing’s Agent Referral Program, agents agree to abide by these terms and conditions. GCC Marketing retains the right to make final decisions on commission eligibility and the interpretation of these terms.

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