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    Benefits of Exclusive Partnership Program

    You will be eligible for 100% free life-time bugs and error removal programs. (on all of the websites we built and code we wrote)

    You will be eligible for a massive discount of up to 10%. You can avail this service only by showing our website link or name at the footer of your website.

    Terms of Exclusive Partnership Program

    • GCC Marketing will be allowed to show its website link at the footer of the your website.
    • You would be willing to leave reviews for us on 3 online platforms (only after if you are happy and satisfied with our work)
    • You will allow GCC Marketing to share your contact details (Your name, Company, Rank and Email) as a reference if required by a customer (Normally only 1 client in 3 months requests for reference and moreover we won’t share your mobile number at all)
    • You will refer us to future IT projects in your company or in your circle (only after if you are happy and satisfied with our work and obviously its fully on your discretion).
    • GCC Marketing reserves the right to show its name at the footer of the websites it builds. We charge 50% extra of the total value of the project in case the client wants to remove our reference from their website.
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