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    Terms & Conditions

    General Terms

    1. GCC Marketing ONLY starts work on a project upon receipt of a down payment. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the client will always pay the remaining balance before going live.

    All our projects are ONLY made live upon clearance of all outstanding balances. If applicable, hosting and domain name registration fees must be paid yearly or monthly.

    2. The client has the option to put the project on hold (for whatever reasons e.g. funds, APIs, etc.). However, the client must pay all outstanding balance payments. The maximum time to hold a project is 6 months. GCC Marketing doesn’t take any responsibility for technology change relevant to the client’s project during the period when the project is being held. The client will have to cover the relevant changes in technology (if any) at the time of work resumption on the project. 

    2. Additional services come at additional fees, on a fee-for-service basis, or on an hourly or task rate. If clients require additional services, the correspondent fee is added to their invoice and is charged accordingly.

    3. Delays in project completion may occur when:

    • There is a delay in any payments
    • The client requests further changes in the design, structure, or content of the project
    • The client purchases an additional service related to the project
    • There is a delay in the receipt of any materials from the client
    • Time frame estimates are approximate only and are subject to change at any time at GCC Marketing’s discretion. At any time, and at its whole discretion, GCC Marketing may decide to put a project on hold.

    4. Due to the nature of our work, none of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We work for our client’s satisfaction. That is our commitment. However, GCC Marketing will under no circumstances be held responsible to satisfy unreasonable expectations or requests. It is at GCC Marketing‘s discretion to decide whether or not a request or an expectation is reasonable or lies within the scope of the offer of services to its client.

    As an example, if the client purchases a certain service, but in order to be fully satisfied, GCC Marketing judges that an additional service is necessary, then it is no longer GCC Marketing’s responsibility or commitment to satisfy the client. In other words, GCC Marketing aims for satisfaction within the framework of its original agreement with the client, according to the agreement.

    5. Services or part of services (i.e. elements of a project) that have been approved by the client are considered as services with which the client is 100% satisfied. Any further work on these services (elements of the project) will be invoiced accordingly.

    6. Unless clearly specified otherwise, all project statuses are set as “completed” after a 3-month period has passed (calculated from the first payment date). This means no more work will be done on that project and no service will be provided. This doesn’t apply to host and domain name registration services, which are provided independently of the project status, and only according to the client’s payments.

    7. If the client is not satisfied with GCC Marketing’s Services, the client can ask for revisions.  Any funds paid to GCC Marketing will be non-refundable. 

    8. Automatic Renewal: All monthly and yearly services including Hosting, Domains, SEO, and SMM will be automatically renewed on behalf of the clients. We believe that stopping necessary services to a client could result in a loss in revenue which we don’t want. We are committed to uninterrupted service to our clients.  However, it is the client’s responsibility to request for cancellation of those subscriptions for at least 15 workdays before the end. Once renewed, the client is obliged to pay the full subscription fee for the next period. In the event of non-payment within a month, GCC Marketing reserves the right to cancel the service or subscription at any time. GCC Marketing reserves the full right to collect payment for automatic renewals and take legal action in case of non-payment.

    9: All monthly services e.g. SEO, SMM, etc are to be paid monthly in advance. GCC Marketing has the full right to stop the work by the 15th of the month if the client failed to release the payment before the 5th of every month.

    10: All monthly and yearly services e.g. Hosting, Domain Renewal, SEO, SMM, etc are to be paid in advance. GCC Marketing has the full right to stop the work by the 15th of the month if the client failed to release the payment before the 5th of every month. An additional fine of 15% will be imposed along with the suspension of our services will occur in the event the customers failed to settle the invoice within 30 days while the services are already being provided. 

    3rd Party Approvals

    1. GCC Marketing doesn’t give any guarantees for third-party approvals. The reason is no third party is under direct orders of GCC Marketing to do the requested task. 

    e.g in case, we developed a mobile app for a client for 2 platforms Android and iOS, its not under any circumstances GCC Marketing’s responsibility to get confirmed approval for the apps to be placed on the platforms. 


    Any approval from the government authorities for the content or functionalities etc.

    About credit cards data processing

    Please keep in mind that for security reasons, GCC Marketing always:

    • Prevents unauthorized access, maintains data accuracy, and ensures the correct use of information, through appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects online and offline.
    • Hires the services of reliable third-party companies to manage credit card information and payment gateway-secured encryption for the websites of its clients. Such companies charge fees per transaction and/or fees per month for which the client is responsible. Most such companies offer various fee plans to best suit the needs of the client’s business depending on the volume of the client’s online transactions.

    About GCC Marketing’s website

    • All prices appearing on this site are subject to change without notice. These prices are solely informative and GCC Marketing is not necessarily committed to them for your project. To receive a free quote for your project, please call us at +971 567 300 683 or request a quote on our website.
    • Promotional offers are not cumulative.
    • All the pictures shown on this website are solely for representative purposes.

    GCC Marketing’s Review and Placement on Review Sites

    You can see actual client reviews about GCC Marketing services on Google.

    GCC Marketing strives for clients to leave their experience on the 3rd party sites, some of the sites like Clutch.co actually do call our clients and spend 30 minutes – 1 hour on the phone with them going over the full experience of their experience with us.

    GCC Marketing is featured on 3rd party review sites. All rankings developed and posted by 3rd party review sites or represent the independent opinion of 3rd party review sites, and are derived by virtue of independent judgment, analysis, and subjective/objective criteria. By developing and posting such rankings, 3rd party review companies make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or factual basis of the rankings. Users of the rankings hereby acknowledge and agree to perform their own due diligence in order to come to well-informed decisions of their own. The Users hereby acknowledge that the rankings are to be used as an instrument in making such a decision but should not be viewed as an authoritative end-all to any evaluations.

    About GCC Marketing Web Design Projects and Offices

    • GCC Marketing doesn’t assume any responsibility or liability for the content of the websites it designs and/or hosts. GCC Marketing has no control over any information, materials, or products found thereon. GCC Marketing doesn’t serve as a consultant for its clients, and they are entirely responsible for all that is found on its websites.
    • Because of the nature of web design and programming work, websites always appear differently on different computers. Screen resolution, operating system, and browsing software are just a few examples of variables that may affect the way a website looks. The client must be aware of these possible variations and GCC Marketing will not be held responsible for them.

    GCC Marketing’s Estimates, Quotations & Proposals Terms 

    All estimates, quotations, and proposals are valid for 30 calendar days and should be considered private and confidential, and may not be shared with any third party without the prior written permission of GCC Marketing.

    Custom Design & Development

    Custom Design: it means that GCC Marketing will design the website as per the client’s requirements & instructions.  

    Custom Development: it means that GCC Marketing will develop the website as per the client’s approved design. We use different technologies for development.  In Custom frameworks! CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. is developed from scratch. In OpenCart or WordPress or other CMS-based technologies etc., we use the most relevant themes/templates to implement the approved design from the client. The development will be customized according to the approved design and once the design stage is completed then the contract tools & technologies along with features will no longer be valid as the development & functionality will be based on the approved design only.

    Design & Development Sequence

    All projects are designed in a specific sequence. The client should understand the same. e.g. mobile apps are designed and developed after the website or e-commerce store’s design & development. We strictly follow the workflow and clients are required to respect this time-tested process and sequence.  


    If the website content is not provided within 30 calendar days from the completion of the developed site/final demo, the final invoice for the completion must be processed.


    GCC Marketing owns the copyright for its estimates, quotations, and proposal documents, and all its contents.  The documents are protected by copyright laws, treaties, and conventions as well as laws, treaties, and conventions related to other forms of intellectual property. You may not modify, reproduce, copy, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute, in any manner, the content in the document, wholly or partly, in any form without prior written consent.

    Footer Reference

    GCC Marketing reserves the right to show its name at the footer of the websites it builds. We charge 50% extra of the total value of the project in case the client wants to remove our reference from their website. 


    Deployment time, workdays, is the net design/development time, excl. your time for approvals, changes or corrections requests, content delivery, or other necessary time to respond.

    A calendar week includes 5 workdays and 2 off days.

    Once the code is deployed and the client went live or payment is made after the approval of a certain phase/milestone, the client doesn’t have any authority to claim for a refund since our services are paid only after client approval/acceptance.

    Standard Web Design

    Standard Web / Design work includes 1 wireframe, 1 homepage, and 1 internal page concept and up to 3 design revisions. If 2 hours of work relating to additional features; changes, corrections, and instructions is exceeded, and after your acceptance of our proposal of the site map, wireframe and draft, additional charges will be incurred at an hourly rate.

    Penalty Clauses & Delays from Client

    Any delays from the client (in terms of payment, delivery of content, or approvals) more than 07 workdays will obsolete the penalty clauses (if any) due to the fact that resources are still deployed for more hours than expected, resulting in extra design & development costs to GCC Marketing.

    If both sides agreed that penalty clauses will no more be effective from both sides, then the relevant clauses in the contract will be considered obsolete. Any single delay for the client side will be considered 03 workdays at GCC Marketing end due to the nature of our work and deployment of the resources to the projects. 

    Standard Rates

    Features excluded from estimates, quotations, and proposals will incur  additional changes: standard charge 350 AED / 100 USD / hour, hosting + server maintenance charge: 350 AED / 100 USD / month (applicable).

    Technical Support

    Technical support includes related to the currently built functionality of the website. It does not include any updates or additional modules.

    Please read the footer content on our website www.gcc-marketing.com for T&C, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and FAQs to better understand our ways of working.


    The appearance of fonts and graphics will be standard as per browsers’ compatibility, capability, and version. We optimize for Windows, MAC OSX, Linux, and the latest browser versions: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome / Safari. For other versions, we charge extra based on your request. Stock images if not provided can be purchased and will be charged extra. Advanced optimization for retina displays is not part of standard proposals and will be charged extra if required.

    Rewards Programme

    GCC Marketing offers various rewards in the form of cash and iPhones for successful referrals. The reward will only be released upon the first payment from the client. The approved iPhone model is the iPhone 11 – 64 GB (in any available color) or any other iPhone with a value not more than AED 2,500/- and a cash reward of $500 or an equivalent amount of AED 1,850. 


    All payments are non-refundable due to the nature of our work. Once the payment is processed, it won’t be refunded

    Invoice payment: All invoices must be cleared within 05 workdays from the date of the invoice. GCC Marketing has a full right to stop the work on the project if the invoices are not paid within the allowed time. 

    Any delay in the due invoice payment will result in delays in the project execution and the client and client can’t hold GCC Marketing responsible for any delays. Any single delay for the client side will be considered 03 workdays at GCC Marketing end due to the nature of our work and deployment of the resources to the projects. 

    Delayed invoice payment: If the client delays the due invoice payment for more than 15 calendar days, then a surcharge of AED 50 will be applicable on each calendar day passing by.   

    Payment after service delivery: Please note that in certain case scenarios, upon specific request from the client, written or verbal, GCC Marketing may agree to accept payment after service delivery. The client must be aware that the software ownership will belong to GCC Marketing until it is fully paid. In the case of mobile apps, since we have to do everything at our end,  the store accounts are to be created and paid for by GCC Marketing, and the app will keep functioning through the GCC Marketing accounts. Please note that this can’t be changed until or unless the client is willing to pay $5,000 for transfer charges.  

    Guaranteed SEO Results

    GCC Marketing gives a guarantee on SEO results to the extent of keywords showing on the FIRST 30 results of Google. We don’t give any guarantees for the placement apart from the above. In the case of keywords, not ranking on the first 30 results on www.google.ae, the client will be able to claim a refund of 75% of their total payment. 

    Abusive Language & Misbehavior with GCC Team

    At GCC Marketing, we always treat all clients fairly and respectfully. Our team is strictly abode by the rules of pleasant client dealing. All GCC Marketing clients are required to treat their respective project managers and relevant team members in a respectful manner. In case of any abusive behavior, GCC Marketing has full right to put the project on hold or even cancel the project. Even if the project is not complete, the clients are required to pay the outstanding balance and any fines for abusive behavior.