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    Quick Contact


    We offer web support and management packages that are professional, inexpensive and take care of your entire web support needs, to ensure that your web business provides a real and measurable return on investment.

    • Peace of mind, personnel can spend time handling their own tasks
    • Updating your website = New Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention
    • Money and time saver, No trainings, No payroll, benefits, or unemployment costs
    • Acting like part of your company by answering short- and long-term solution questions
    • Getting a top-notch experienced team within a fraction of the cost for a full-time employee
    • Makes search engine spiders happy and increases your chances for higher search engine rankings
    • Eliminating errors and downtime – Improving customer satisfaction
    • Ensuring website information is accurate
    • Provides information about who’s visiting and linking to your site
    • Improves your company’s brand image and aids in expansion
    • New products online immediately. Fast Turnaround. Your website changes carried out immediately
    • Solves and monitors possible operational problems and avoids potential catastrophes with clients


    Support activities

    • Updating site content
    • Adding new provided images
    • Adding forms or new functionality
    • Graphic works
    • Making a website more search engine friendly
    • [W3C validation, Meta tag, title setting, etc.]
    • Site traffic stats and analysis
    • Functional updates
    • Speed Optimization as per standards
    • Telephone support and general consultancy
    • Site link check
    • Exclusive Support Package
    • Response the same day + 24/7 site monitoring


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What you can do in one hour?

    Experience and specialist knowledge mean we work quickly and efficiently. As a rough guide, text changes on an existing web page might take between 5 and 15 minutes, adding a new page to your site might take between 45 and 60 minutes (depend on the complexity of the page contents).

    When we receive a request from you, we will tell you how long it will take to complete the job, and proceed when authorized by you.

    If I sign up for a support contract, how does it work?

    When you sign up, we will assign you a Manager, who will look after you. Our office hours are 9am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday.

    What if I use more than my contracted hours in a month?

    If you use more than your contracted hours in a particular month, any further support requirements will be quoted for separately. We will advise you before you go over the allotted hours and ensure that we get the go-ahead from you before carrying out any work that will incur additional costs.

    And if I don’t use all my hours in a particular month?

    If you do not use all your support hours in a particular month you can ‘carry forward’ the equivalent of 1 month’s support time to the next month. For example, if your contract gives you 15 hours of support time per month, the maximum amount of unused support time you can carry forward is 15 hours [depends on the complexity of the page contents].

    Is there a minimum contract length?

    The minimum contract term is 1 Year. Contracts are payable in advance via a monthly standard order/invoice. For yearly payment we offer 5% discount.

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