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    Ecommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Website Development Dubai
    Ecommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Website Development Dubai

    Looking for a Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Website Development Company to grow your online business?

    GCC Marketing provides industry standard Ecommerce Multi Vendor Website Development Services in Dubai, UAE

    A Multi Vendor Marketplace is an online platform that allows sellers to list their products and services and buyers to buy their desired products through an online payment. It's a similar concept to a normal brick-and-mortar marketplace but available to everyone over the internet. For more than a decade, GCC Marketing has been providing eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services in UAE and beyond. Being among the top tier of eCommerce Marketplace Developers in Dubai, we have refined the art of creating marketplaces through various stages e.g. conceptualization, sitemap, wireframes, eCommerce UI/UX design,  prototyping, testing, and making your Multi Vendor Store online. We have successfully designed and developed e-commerce platforms in OpenCart, Shopify WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, Custom PHP frameworks e.g Laravel, CodeIgniter & Shopify platforms.  

    Payment Gateway Integration
    Courier / Shipment Integration
    SMS Integration

    E-commerce & Retail Marketplace Development in UAE

    We develop eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplaces Websites in different technologies including OpenCart, Shopify WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, Custom PHP frameworks e.g. Laravel, CodeIgniter & Shopify platforms. We build B2B Marketplaces to wow our customers.

    Trusted Web Design & Web Development Company in Dubai, UAE


    Engaging Product Marketplaces for Buyers & Sellers

    A marketplace will be a great success if its user experience is remarkable and the user interface is easy to use and navigate.

    We create a marketplace through a specific process/phase.

    Phase-1: Kickstart meeting to refine the idea and clearly writing the scope. Phase-2: Sitemap is created to understand and list the main structure of the project. Phase-3: Wireframes are created which outline the layout of the marketplace. Phase-3: Actual designs are created for each screen with branding. At this stage, you will see, how the actual marketplace will look like. Phase-4: Development Phase-5: Testing for bugs and errors Phase-6: Getting the apps and marketplace website live

    Develop your Multi-Vendor Marketplace in Dubai

    As per your business idea, you can choose to develop a B2B or B2C product marketplace. In the B2B marketplace, businesses or companies are facilitated to do transactions for products or services. In the B2C multi-vendor marketplace, consumers or retail customers can buy products and services from the vendors.  GCC Marketing can help you fulfill your goal if you want to develop your Multi-Vendor Marketplace in Dubai.



    We have been working hard to make user experience awesome because we are not happy until you are. Proud to work for some of the best companies across the world and glad to show you what we have done for our happy clients.

    Our Online Marketplace Design & Development Process

    Ecommerce marketplace development company in Dubai

    Understing your Idea

    This is the very first stage where we receive your requirements in written format for your eCommerce marketplace project. After an internal discussion, our team will have a meeting to understand the project from you directly. During the meeting, we will also share our feedback and there might be updates in the scope. Afterward, the scope is locked and our team will move to the next stage.

    Information Infrastructure

    We will create the sitemap of your eCommerce marketplace website & Mobile Apps. This will highlight your priorities and crystalize what exactly are the most important things we should keep in mind while we work on your project.  

    Blueprint of your Project

    In the third stage, we design the screens with layouts of your eCommerce Website and Mobile App. You will have access to our design management system. If you have any comments, you can share or if you are happy, you will give us the approval of the wireframes. 

    Actual Design

    Once the wireframes are approved, we will go ahead and create the actual designs using your brand identity and color guidelines. Again, you will have access to share your comments. Once we accommodate the changes, you will give us the final approval and we will go-ahead to the actual development phase.

    The Code

    Our development team will start developing your eCommerce Website and Mobile App as per your approved design. You can check the progress through our project management system and share any input if you have any. During this stage usually, no feedback is required from the client.


    By this stage, we have created an initial eCommerce Website and Mobile App prototype and you will be given access to see how it functions and share your feedback. Our QA team will also work on it and share the feedback with the development team if there is any. Once you are happy we will go-ahead to the final stage.

    Making your Android App Live

    Once you give us the approval, we will make your eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website and Mobile Apps live. 

    Professional Tools from Multi Vendor Store Development Company in Dubai

    We will build efficient eCommerce multi vendor platforms with latest technologies. The design will be created keeping in mind the user experience. We understand what it takes to create a great marketplace web design that converts users in customers. We are your trusted multi vendor marketplace partners in Dubai, UAE

    Marketplace Performance Enhancement

    As per research, users trust is increased if a website is fully optimized and do not hang at all. We will make sure your store's performance is fully enhanced.

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    Multi Vendor Store Bugs Fixing

    We have a very experienced team of developers which monitors your website and app regularly and we aim to catch a bug before your customers do.

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    Benefits of Hiring eCommerce Marketplace Development Company in Dubai, UAE

    • This Marketplace Development Dubai company will give you 24/7 support from experienced eCommerce Web Developers
    • Our expert eCommerce team is available at a very affordable price
    • We will keep monitoring your website and apps for any issues or bugs
    • We will reduce loading time for your eCommerce Marketplace
    • Our professional support will free up your in-house resources and you can focus on your business
    • Improve service response and resolution time
    • We will help you through your journey to boost user engagement for your app & website
    Bug fixes
    It is inevitable to have bugs in your web or app, but the good news is, these are preventable. We will scan your code and fix the bugs as they appear to keep you up and running.
    Code maintenance
    We love our clients to have updated code versions. At GCC Marketing, we ensure that your app is fully updated and properly maintained.
    App updates
    As you get more experience, you will have plenty of feedback from your clients. You can share the feedback and our team will make the app updated as you wanted.
    Data migration
    If you require, our experience team can help you in data migration from one hosting to another. The process is seamless asn no on will notice the change.
    New feature implementation
    You might want to have some specific features in your apps. Our team can create desired functionalities and features as per your request.
    Application security management
    Security is a big concern now a days. We will keep a regular check on your app for any data breaches by keeping the security up to date.
    OS and library updates
    Where possible, we will make sure that your app uses latest libraries and operating systems as they appear for your competitive advantage.
    Performance enhancements
    Due to cache or obsolete heavy content or cache, your app could become slow. Our experienced team will make sure your app loads fast.
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