Indoor / Outdoor Marketing

Out Of Home Marketing

What is Outdoor Marketing:

Outdoor marketing, quite simply, is marketing conducted outdoors. Billboards—whether print or digital—comprise about 65 percent of all outdoor marketing, while signs on buses and public benches are also popular locations. There are almost as many venues for outdoor marketing as there are physical locations, but as the above example illustrates, even the sky isn’t immune from outdoor marketing.

What is Indoor Marketing:

Indoor advertising is exactly what it sounds like – advertisements shown to people who are indoors. Traditionally, that means ads in shopping centers, restaurant bathrooms, event centers, subway stations, etc. But regardless of the specifics, the benefits of indoor advertisement are huge .

Big Benefits of Indoor Advertising

The first benefit of Indoor advertising is, it creates a high recall rate. Customers are more likely to recall the signs or advertisement as compare to being outdoor. It has a high brand recognition and implants a lasting image or message in the minds of consumers.

A second benefit of indoor advertising is its potential for targeting particular audiences. Depending on the placement of the ads, you can target for men, women, urban or suburban audiences, or a number of other demographic groups. The simplest example of this is the placement of restroom advertisements; ads can be easily tailored for placement in either a men’s or women’s restroom.

Third benefit of Indoor advertising is, it is generally cheaper than other forms of media advertising (such as radio, television, or outdoor billboards). So, these three benefits – high recall, pinpoint targeting, and low cost – make indoor advertising a great option for businesses of all types and sizes.