SEO / Search Engine Optimization Service in Dubai, UAE

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process where a website’s ranking is improved organically. It is a collection of small tasks which are done on daily basis in for the considerable amount of time. It helps the website to show on the search engine result pages (SERPs) when a relevant keyword is searched.

To some, SEO may seem to be a simple task, but in fact, it requires hard work and dedication in order to rank and website and gets results from it.

In general, the SEO consists of two important factors or categories:

  1. On-page SEO service Dubai
  2. Off-page SEI service Dubai

Dubai SEO Company – Objective

SEO Dubai service is aimed at increasing online visibility of the business and ultimately meeting business objectives through quality leads generation. The website is optimized to allow crawlers to detect the website easily and index it on results pages. This will make the site visible on searches that are relevant to the site content.

Dubai SEO Company – Approach 

    • A detailed website audit is shared with the client in the first week from the date of signing the contract. This helps them to have an idea of where they stand right now in terms of SEO ranking. On the other, they would be able to see the ongoing improvement due to SEO Dubai service which they are having from GCC Marketing.
    • GCC Marketing begins with identifying the most relevant and closely related keywords for the website and business operation and plans to reach a reasonable SEO rank on global/local searches.
    • At the end of 6 months, the website will be optimized to the first google page as per the promise. All reporting is made to the client while the SEO Service in dubai is being done.

Dubai SEO Company – On-page SEO

SEO Service Dubai

  • On-page SEO is the term used to describe the process by which on-page factors affecting ranking are optimized. Let’s discuss the SEO on-page factors.

The first and foremost thing which is done in SEO Dubai service is keyword Analysis and Competitive Analysis. This helps us to analyze and identify what are the words which are relevant and can increase the traffic to the website.

  • We then move to the other important on-page tasks like Page Title, Meta Tags & Description Insertions and update. Google algorithm searched these items in order to define what rank it should show the website on.
  • Internal Hyperlinking of the page is then done for optimal crawling by Search engines so that SEO service can be effective.
  • Usage of correct Heading Tags – H1, H2 are then considered and updated to optimize the content. Headings play an important role in ranking in SEO UAE.
  • Ensuring optimal keyword Density as per Page context and targeted keywords. The content plays an important role in the web site’s ranking and SEO. Google has mentioned that from 2018 onwards, it will emphasize the value of content generously compared to the past. Meaning! content reliability will be increased along the time.
  • Google Analytics and webmaster setup are created for proper monitoring, website indexing, and reporting. It is a superb tool which practically speaks to you and tells you where the problem is and how to solve it.
  • Image Optimization is done for successful SEO Dubai service across the site. Optimized images will result in the speedy website. The more the speed of the website, the more website is ranked in Google
  • URL rewriting Suggestions for Implementation
  • Optimization of Dynamic Pages.

Dubai SEO Company – Off-page SEO

SEO Dubai service

The term refers to factors that have an impact on the website listing in natural search results. These factors are off-site in that they are not controlled by you or the coding on your page.

  • Search Engine Submissions are done by submitting the website directly with search engines so that they can register the website.
  • Directory Submissions are done in business directories so that anyone can find the website there too. Directories are important in SEO and must not be neglected.
  • Social Bookmarking is very important in SEO UAE. It is the process where the website and relevant keywords are mentioned on the social media and a kind of hype is created to push people to talk about it.
  • Classified Ads Submission are made which in return not only increases the website’s visibility but also it tells the Google that this business has the presence and should be given some ranking in the SERPs
  • The article is written, content is generated and Submitted in blogs to that people can find the business through the blogs as well, It also helps in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Blog Commenting is also and well-known technique which incredibly helps in SEO.
  • Positing is also done on different forums for increasing the SEO impact and enhancing the search engine ranking.

GCC Marketing’s SEO Dubai Service – Reputation

Search Engine Optimization is the process of impacting the online visibility of a website in search engine’s results. It is often referred as ‘’organic’’ or ‘’natural’’ process and used to enhance a website’s presence and ranking. This results in increased traffic on the website and enhanced brand awareness in the market. Ultimately, SEO attracts new customers to your company

GCC Marketing’s SEO Service is well received in the market since its launch years ago. Compared to other SEO services offered in Dubai and even in UAE, it is considerably different, well planned and focused on results instead of processes. A customer who buys SEO Dubai Service is offered a promise that the client’s website will be shown on the first google page for the designated keywords. Local SEO service in UAE and Dubai helps your business more searchable in a specific location.

GCC Marketing’s SEO Dubai Service – Social Media

GCC Marketing’s SEO Dubai Service utilizes the true essence of social media. In fact, social media is considered as a pillar of local SEO. Social Median marking is in SEO Dubai Service is important as it takes account of location and creates user engagement. If you are connected to users through social media, there are more chances that people will stay in touch with you and will respond to you in case of any relevant questions. Social Media plays a crucial part in the whole process of local SEO.

Ethical SEO

“Ethical” SEO is a term used to describe SEO techniques that are in line with search engine webmaster guidelines. This means that all SEO activities carried out by us are ‘ethical”. Our SEO work would carry long-term benefits for your site and run no risk of a ban or penalty.

Our SEO service uses only White Hat techniques to rank the websites.

Contingency Plan for Random Google Algorithm Updates

We keep our SEO Dubai customers informed about the Google algorithm updates and implement innovative techniques that are intelligible with Google updates.

Search engine (Google) update their algorithm from time-to-time to show the relevant results in searches. Our search engine optimization strategies are based on the latest Google guidelines which are updated along with Google updates.

We are an organization that focuses on ethical SEO practices that outline how business owners can avoid being affected by Google algorithm updates and unscrupulous marketers. In our Ethical SEO approach, we make sure that the process used to promote your website should be made crystal clear to you as the customer.

We keep our customers updated about the Google updates. We can counteract their effect on your online business by sharing reports and link data as we build your web presence.

 Digital Marketing & SEO Dubai

Digital marketing is a vast field, and when it comes to comparing different techniques to figure out which one is best, one will always be left thinking that it is always SEO Dubai.

Being digital marketing agency in Dubai, GCC Marketing is fully capable to provide a range of services which include email marketing, SMS marketing, SEO Dubai, Google Adwords, redirect marketing, social media marketing, redirect marketing to name a few. Having named above services, finding out what brings the best return on investment would be a tricky question. Let’s try to find out how SEO Dubai can be ranked first.

SEO Dubai – This service follows a methodical process with the following elements:

  1. SEO Dubai service requires the client to do minimum investment but this investment takes four to six months to work it for the client. Compared to other services, like email, SMS or paid advertisement campaigns, the results are immediate but the budget required is bigger. On more point is it requires a continuous outflow of the resources to keep up with the paid campaigns.
  2. SEO Dubai service incorporates trust in the customers by showing the website on top search results. Now the users or customers know that if the website is at the top of the search results, it means that the services offered or the products being sold must be of high quality. This is the loyalty factor which makes SEO Dubai a top-class product. Compared SEO Dubai with other services, it proves to be more authentic.
  3. SEO Dubai service helps to build brand awareness. Whenever a specific search is made related to the website’s service or product offering, people see the brand being shown on top and that’s where it takes an edge. SEO Dubai service will also increase the traffic on the website. This traffic will also see the brand and ultimately people will start thinking and talking about it. If people see the brand, they are more likely to trust it and ultimately, they will buy the offering.
  4. SEO Dubai service is kind of the cherry on the top of the website. What I am trying to say that, SEO Dubai service is performed on a website. It means that the website must be available which is a kind of limitation. Compared to other methods which do not require any website for the customers to contact, it offers a limitation or dependency.
  5. SEO Dubai service pushes to the perfection of the website and makes sure that it is friendly to search engine crawlers. All glitches, broken links and inefficiencies must be eliminated in order to get the website top ranked.

Different services come with different offerings. Some of those services have limitations but if the business invests in SEO, it could prove to be a goldmine for a business. SEO Dubai service will always work perfectly with high-quality content.

 Search Engine Optimization / SEO Dubai

SEO Dubai Service is the process of optimization of the website to a level when a relevant keyword is searched the website shows itself on top of the results in Dubai. GCC marketing is a Dubai based digital marketing company. It specializes in digital marketing services which include Web Design & Development, SEO Dubai, Strategy Formulation, Email and SMS marketing.

Why We Name It as SEO Dubai Service

Well, there is a reason, SEO Dubai is specifically designed to serve customers in Dubai, although we are providing our services in the whole UAE and GCC regions. But SEO Dubai is the most competitive when it comes to business.

Our state-of-the-art SEO Dubai Service requires us to go in depth of SEO Dubai process and bring up some wisdom for our readers:

SEO Dubai Service starts from the process of the website audit where we try to know what improvements can be made on the website. The audit report focuses on two section which is on-page and off-page. It helps us to understand the what can be improved in order to make the website search engine friendly.

SEO Dubai – On-Page

SEO Dubai service involves looking at a lot of different aspect of On-Page factors. It includes from keyword and Page Title, Meta Tags & Description Insertions, Usage of correct Heading Tags – H1, Internal Hyperlinking for optimal crawling by Search engines.

It will also include but not limited to Ensuring optimal keyword Density as per Page context and targeted keywords, taking out initial ranking and share with the client, Google Analytics and webmaster setup, Image Optimization across the site, Robots TXT review, URL rewriting Suggestions for Implementation and Optimization of Dynamic Pages

SEO Dubai – Off-Page

SEO Dubai service also involves looking at a lot of different aspects of Off-Page factors. Google algorithm ranks websites not relying only on On-page, but also Off-page factors are considered.

SEO Dubai – Off-page service takes care of this aspect and implies a proper strategy to contain this aspect.

It covers Social Bookmarking, Blog Submission, Forum Postings, Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions, Classified Ads Submissions, Article Submissions, Blog Commenting

How SEO Makes You Stand Out of Crowd

The psyche of the internet users is not much complicated. They tend to go maximum second page of search results as per google data. They trust on the websites which show on top and straight away buy from them. SEO Dubai service makes sure that after a certain period of time your website starts showing in the search results and you start getting customers.

Some people may think that SEO service is an easy task, but in fact, SEO Dubai service requires a whole lot of professionals who work in coordination and harmony to get the things done.

In short, if you are a Dubai based business, you cannot afford to neglect SEO Dubai service from GCC Marketing.

GCC Marketing has a team of SEO and PPC experts that helps you to be found on the Search Results and Directs Prolific Traffic to your Website. By entrusting us with your requirements for SEO and PPC Services in Dubai, you can surely expect top results within the shortest possible time period.

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