GCC Marketing is a Leading Web Design Dubai offering top quality website design, web development and Digital Marketing Services in UAE Below are some of the traps which must be avoided during the web design & development process.

1. Failing to ask, why do we need a website

For many of us, we think that a website is a must for a business success. Yet surprisingly, many companies simply say that we need a website without asking a question” Why we need it in the first place”.

An ordinary web design company in Dubai will happily charge a hefty some of amount without guiding the client through proper process including the above question. For a web design company, it is something very common! Is it for you too?

Typical web development companies in Dubai will take is as an extension of you company marketing plan without really understanding it’s whole purpose.

The purpose of a well-thought website should be sometimes identified or it would be a waste of money and time. It is a platform where a lot of company stakeholders can interact and informed on company products and activities.

2. Not Understanding Dubai web design trends

Dubai has swiftly evolved itself in one of the most fast-paced and advanced cities in the world. This speed has attracted many opportunists and professionals. Web designing companies in UAE are found sometimes less professional compared to ones in matured economy. What I am trying to establish here is a web developer in Dubai is not fully congruent with proper process of web development in Dubai. Grab the list of web development companies in Dubai, and start communicating with them to understand the difference.

Majority of web design companies, most do not even go for a bespoke website design in Dubai.

3. Trends of Web Design UAE

Comparing the cities in the country, web design Abu Dhabi is made more traditional style while web designing Dubai is almost all commercial except some exception. Top web development companies in Dubai are the trend-setters and they have the responsibility to do it right keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

The web design services are only considered complete when authorized by the board or the person in charge. For example, web design in Dubai should be way more sophisticated in explaining the offered services and user journey that only being bound to get completion of the website project. The web design agency Dubai must make sure that the website is engaging and easy to navigation.

4. Margin of focus

Web designing companies in Dubai have a special ability to analyze the problem missing puzzle piece by bringing harmony with international standards. A web developer in Dubai must develop a combined sense where they are able to compare their work and update their knowledge simultaneously.

5. Problem with Outsourcing

Sometimes a web development Dubai company will decide to outsource the website development tasks freelancers or other companies. This may seem to be a solution for a quick fix but more often is does not meet the quality required for the specific project. A Dubai web design company usually finds itself in this position where it has to juggle around to meet the demand at the high end. GCC Marketing for instance, being a web development company in Dubai has specific controls in place which other web design companies in Dubai don’t. A web development company must have enough resources in place where it does not have to compromise quality of work.

6. Outsourcing consequences

Well in this we must consider the point of web design Dubai price issue. When a web design agency charges a customer a full price of a website, then ethically it should complete the project with the agreed quality and detail while avoiding as much outsourcing as possible. Bear in mind that outsourcing sometimes brings more difficulties instead of introducing sometimes.

7. Branding Touch

If a web design Dubai company does not care about the branding, then could mean different business units are not in harmony in customer’s point of view. This could result in lower conversion and higher bounce rates which are far less thought sometimes. I a nutshell, avoid all design inconsistencies to see your web design Dubai a huge success.

8. Not giving importance to quality content

Regardless of a web design company Dubai experience, to the point and unique content is of paramount importance of your website success. Clients must understand this fact and play his role in making sure the that the content is genuine and unique.

9. Website Design Dubai Trends

For a Web Design you must create a Market Research. Yet, many companies don’t bother to go sometimes an extra mile in order to predict what customer experience would be in case the design is good or bad. Website Design Dubai trends will be alarming if things keep going with the same pace. An ideal method will involve a combination of usability engineering coupled with market research.

10. Pin-pointing the problem

Having all of above discussion, web development Dubai should always be at the verge of change with a self-correcting mechanism. This post is written keeping in mind the whole UAE web design and development industry in mind, pinpointing the strategic problems and giving a road-map to fill the gaps.

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