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    PPC Marketing

    Leading PPC Agency in Dubai

    PPC Services helps you reach your customers online via paid search advertising quickly & cost effectively. GCC Marketing’s team of experts in Dubai offers a full range of PPC Campaign Services to help your business generate leads and achieve goals cost effectively through PPC Advertiser Campaigns.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Agency in Dubai

    Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising) is a form of online marketing where advertisers can display their ads on popular search engines. Some of the top most pay per click includes, Google’s AdWords Yahoo’s Search Marketing and Microsoft’s Bing ads. Same Simple concept run along with all Pay Per Click advertising services. Within your required budget, you can create an ad using using your business keywords, as an advertiser. Google ads appears next to the search engine results, whenever a user searches in Google using any of your keywords. You will pay only when a user clicks on your ad’s link.


    Our Recently achievements from Clients:

    • Decreased monthly cost by AED 3000, while clicks remains stable.
    • Reduced ad spend by 25%, while traffic of volume remains consistent.
    • Reduced Cost Per Click by 22%, while impressions increased.
    • Doubled the PPC click-through rate of ad groups from 2.5% to 7.3% through ad text optimization.
    • Increased Quality Score averages to 7, which provided 42% lower cost per click (CPC) while maintaining conversion rate volume.

    Benefit of PPC Services from GCC Marketing:

    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Account Review and Goal Setting (Long Term)
    • Keyword Research
    • Account Structure / Restructure
    • Text Ad Optimization
    • Geo Targeting
    • Campaign Level Reporting
    • Transparency – you always have access to your account
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Google Search and Display Networks
    • Monthly Calls and Reporting
    • landing Page Optimization and Recommendations
    • Manual Bid Management within Google AdWords
    • Manual Phone Tracking within Google AdWords

    How GCC Marketing can help you achieve your online marketing goals?

    GCC Marketing helps to companies launch Pay Per Click programs effectively and cut costs while increasing growth, optimizing and driving results.

    Including both online and offline variables to run a successful campaign, we take into account all the factors which you need to achieve your ultimate goal. Our Pay Per Click Marketing experts understand your internal analytics and create a tailor-made strategy that suits your businesses.

    Here is a Video that will describe what is PPC Marketing and how it works: