Everything you Need to Know About the National Day United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is one of the most famed tourist attractions globally. With a world of attractions to offer, tourism in Dubai is growing like a weed. The number of international tourists flocking to Dubai has shown a significant growth of 1 Million, rising from 10.77 Million in 2016 to 11.78 Million to date. But the thriving luxury that you delve in to in Dubai, has not always been this way. It was this day decades ago, that we have commemorated as the National Day of UAE, which gave birth to the place we now know as United Arab Emirates.

The National Day of United Arab Emirates (UAE) marks the union of the previous six emirates with the seventh one, Ras Al Khaimah that dated back to December 2nd, 1972. People often confuse this day with the nationalization from the British Protectorate treaties that happened in 1968. However, in reality, it is the Federal Unification of the seven emirates which established the modern day country of Dubai, headed by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was also the federation’s first president, and upon this day, celebrations of grand level are conducted across UAE.

History of The National Day UAE

United Arab Emirates National Day

In the December of 1971, the rulers of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain agreed to unite, formulating the notion of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Later in February 1972, the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah decided to join the conglomerate and become a single entity.

The idea of a united colonization in UAE began soon after the British declared their willingness to withdraw from colonies and protectorates of the eastern Mediterranean. A meeting was held between Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Shiekh Rashid bin Saeed Al Makhtoum and upon mutual consensus, they decided to unite, inviting the other Gulf Emirates to join hands. Although the British departed in 1968, the National Day celebrations started three years afterward in 1971, when the Emirates federal constitution approved the principle on Dec 1, 1971. The very next day, the seventh emirate decided to join hands as well. The current flag of UAE was raised in a hostel building, now known as the “House of Union”, where the heads of 7 emirates gathered to take an influential decision. Sheikh Zayed was the elected president of the union and Sheikh Rashid was the vice president of UAE. Each year, the 2nd of December marks the festivities of the National day of UAE.

As the day is approaching fast, the citizens of United Arab of Emirates are teeming with enthusiasm, looking forward to celebrating the day with gusto and zest. Since this is a national holiday, for those who are not planning to be a couch potato for the entire weekend, here is a list of exciting activities and events that they can revel in:

Witness Spectacular Fire Works

United Arab Emirates National Day

One of the most prolific displays of joy in festive times is fireworks. At the event of the National Day of UAE, citizens can witness a spectacular display of fireworks at various location across Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Click here to know the best venues to glean a bird’s eye view of the enthralling phenomenon!

Indulge in Family Activities at The Yas Marina Circuit

UAE National Day History - What Brought The 7 Emirates Together?

Yas Marina Circuit is an ideal place for families to visit and have fun on National holidays. The circuit features various fun-filled activities for the National Day along with a vivacious spectacle of fireworks. Live music, story time with Dr. Ahmed, henna painting, exotic dancers, and exquisite displays of traditional arts and crafts are some of the most tempting things to do at the circuit!

Fly to Exotic Destinations

United Arab Emirates National Day

With National Day encroaching fast, the national carriers of the United Arab Emirates are offering startling discounts to travelers from around the world. Emirates Airlines also offers air tickets at discounted prices to provide pocket-friendly and luxurious traveling options to exotic destinations worldwide.

Alternatively, businesses across Dubai also offer exclusive National Day discounts to their customers. The discounts are valid for bothB2C and B2B customer transactions. Online businesses are a step ahead in offering such festive discounts so don’t forget to check out the local business listings to avail some great deals and save huge.

National Day and Christmas Hand in Hand

Things You Should Know About The United Arab Emirates National Day

Since this time of the year also heralds the merriment of Christmas, the prominent hotels in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi ceremoniously light up beautiful Christmas trees and provide a section of canapés and beverages as part of the Christmas choir for people to visit and enjoy in relaxing and luxurious settings.

A Splashing Day Out for Kids

Everything you Need to Know About the United Arab Emirates National Day

Kids residing in Dubai and nearby can have an all-day access to Dubai’s latest water park, Splash n Party, for less than Dh5 each. All the fun that involves lots and lots of water splashing, live underwater mermaids, fire and magic shows and so much more that kids will totally love.

A Family Dine Out

United Arab Emirates National Day

Another great idea to enjoy a national holiday is to take your entire family out for dinner. A dinner that is filled with joy and laughter along with your loved ones is definitely a great opportunity at bonding. Seek out luxurious 5-star hotels and local restaurants within Dubai to decide on a place of your choice and share a happy meal with your family with a relaxed mind.

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