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SMS is an abbreviation of “Short Message Server” and for most people, it is simply a text message. SMS Marketing is a form of marketing where businesses utilize SMS Marketing service to communicate or send short messages, product coupons, alerts and other relevant promotions to their clients or audiences who subscribed to their website or given their mobile numbers with their consent.


Days are gone when traditional marketing methods like flyers, brochures and printed banners used to be effective. This vacuum has been filled with various digital marketing channels like email marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media, and Internet etc. If you need immediate attention of your audience, then SMS Marketing tops the rank. Due to the fact that in today’s modern economy, most of the world’s population is equipped with mobile phones. In fact, to some, mobiles are considered as part of their bodies. SMS marketing has a potential to do wonders for your business.

Watch our SMS Marketing Explainer Video and Decide How Important is SMS Marketing!!!


    • SMS Marketing is Very Economical and Less Labour Intensive
    • ROI or Return-On-Investments for SMS Marketing is very high
    • SMS Marketing gives Instant Results
    • SMS Marketing has extremely high OPR and Read Rates
    • SMS Marketing is done with Consent
    • SMS Marketing is PinPoint
    • SMS Marketing Reliably reaches each customer wherever they are
    • Perfect for last minute offers
    • Perfect for promoting promotions and Free Giveaways
    • SMS Marketing creates more engagement
    • Two way SMS allows seamless customer satisfaction
    • SMS Campaign takes no time once started
    • SMS Marketing is Targeted
    • SMS Marketing is Environment-Friendly (Green)
    • SMS Marketing Campaigns are Easy
    • SMS Marketing works wonders because everyone has a mobile


    SMS Marketing can be utilized by any size of organizations whether big or small to increases their revenues. Our customers have benefited from SMS Marketing campaigns and increased their sales considerably. We launch precise and targeted campaigns as per the customer’s requirements to make the SMS Marketing campaign as effective as possible.




    The impact can be felt the moment SMS Marketing Campaign is started. SMS Marketing campaigns bring instant result due to the fact that a whopping 91% SMS’s are read within 3 minutes of SMS Delivery. SMS Marketing is a very personal and concise form of marketing and some studies show even 99% of the messages are opened and read by the recipients. For service providers, like Du or Etisalat, it takes less than 7 seconds to deliver a message. If an SMS Marketing’s comparison is made with other methods of marketing campaigns like e.g email marketing, SMS Marketing precision and effectiveness is beyond expectations.


    SMS Marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Its strength comes from the fact that roughly 91% of the mobile holders always keep the mobile with them and at-least check their mobiles for 150 times in an average day. Most of them will check their mobile as soon as they hear the SMS sound. Having said that, we can reasonably say that SMS marketing can have more impact than any other medium of communication to the customers. SMS Marketing campaigns bring instant results due to the fact that a whopping 91% SMS’s are read within 3 minutes of SMS Delivery. In a nutshell, a business can grow its sales by using SMS Marketing campaigns wisely.

    WHAT do WE do?

    GCC MARKETING is helping its clients in expanding their impact and reach to their prospective customers with SMS Marketing and giving you the results you deserve. We are full-service SMS Marking service providers and we would be happy to help you plan, develop and execute your SMS Marketing campaigns. And if you want, we can do it all on behalf of you including:

    1. A dedicated SMS Marketing specialist will be assigned to you from the start to the end of SMS Marketing campaign.
    2. We provide keywords help for the success of your SMS Marketing campaign.
    3. We can arrange and populate your subscribers’ mobile numbers list for the effectiveness of your SMS Marketing campaign
    4. We provide proper reports which will show you how the campaign performed.


    GCC Marketing follows a comprehensive process of providing a report after successful completion of SMS Marketing campaign to the client. We make sure that SMS Marketing Campaign Report carries enough information like details of mobile numbers (1 digit taken off), what time the SMS is sent, Status, Content of the SMS etc. This helps the customers to understand the effectiveness of SMS Marketing Campaign.


    • On average people check their mobiles 150 times a day and 90% messages are opened within 3 minutes of SMS delivery.
    • Over 98% of SMS’s are opened and read by the recipients.
    • SMS’s have 45% of response rate.
    • SMS marketing is considered one of the best marketing methods in terms of ROI.
    • Social Media Platform Twitter was created with inspiration from conciseness of SMS’s, and a limit of 140 characters originally imposed to keep the message short like SMS’s
    • First ever successful SMS was sent in December 1992.
    • SMS campaigns carry over 7 times more ROI if compared to email marketing.

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